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With our Half Tones wafters, we have managed to incorporate the optimum levels of liquid food used in our shelf-life and freezer baits and combine it with our wafter mix!

All this together with slightly elevated flavour levels make the Half Tones a fantastic target hook bait, either fished over matching freebies or on their own.

Each tub contains a mixture of fluoro yellow and orange half-toned hookbaits. As with the other fluoro dumbbells in our range, they are a firm but spongy structure. These wafters can easily be mounted by piercing or tying onto a hair and can be easily trimmed to suit your favoured pattern/size of hook.

Available in two dumbbell sizes: Small (10mm x 15mm) and Large (14mm x 18mm).

Secret 7 Half Tones contain Krill and Molasses, as well as the familiar orange and peach flavouring.

Secret 7 HalfTones Fluoro Wafter - Yellow & Orange

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