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A purpose built specimen carp lake designed with carp anglers in mind by creating varying features in each swim from bars, gullies, plateaus and deeper sections. swims are located on the North and West banks ensuring no anglers fish directly opposite each other,
Providing quality carp fishing from well maintained venues managed to a high standard.
Stocked with the finest quality strain of English carp consisting of Leney, Sutton, Dinkesbuehl & Harrow strains.
Although young our lakes are rapidly evolving each year attracting more wildlife due to the vast amount of tree, reed & flower planting carried out to ensure our venues mature quickly & flourish,

Key Facts

Specimen carp lake
24hr/day ticket fishing.
One off £75 joining fee required to fish which covers Alpha, 
Eagle, Hilltop, Yarm & Woodbury. 24hr/Day ticket prices apply there after.
Record Mirror Carp
34lb 4oz - Boris
Record Common Carp
23lb 0oz
Stock No.
149 Specimen Carp
Weight Range
10lb to 34lb
2 acre
Stocking ratio of 50 English bred carp per acre up to 28lb+ with a huge head of mid double figure carp and growing.
Deep close margin shallowing upwards towards far margin with a variation of Bars, gullies, plateau and deeper holes.
Bio Security
Landing nets, Unhooking mats and weigh slings are provided on our venues to help protect from spread of disease from outside source, Please DO NOT bring your own as our equipment is to be used only.
No Lake Viewing
Our venues are not open access so turning up to view is not possible. A No viewing policy is in place with a view of security to our venues and with the anglers best interests in mind.

3D Map of Eagle at Tees valley lakes

Eagle Members Lake


Construction of this lake began in September 2015. The carp stock for Alpha had been on order for 3 years previous and arrived in January 2016 where they were stocked temporarily into Eagle lake. Here they were left unfished for a season and fed allowed to settle.
Initial carp stocks were from the finest strain of English carp being Sutton, Leney, Harrow and Dinkesbuehl carp strains. stocked at a higher average fish weight with the lowest stocked at 10lb to 18lb these carp have seen good growth rates in only 2 years from opening with fish now to 28lb Further stocking of 20lb+ carp have been added in the winter of 2019 to compliment the growing number of 20lb+ taking the stock level to 125 carp.
Eagle is a lake with more chance of a multiple catch of quality carp on the complex for specimen anglers. stocked at a ratio of 50 carp per acre to provide plenty of action in this lake. Supplementary feeding will be carried out to ensure these carp receive the best nutritional needs ensuring they continue to grow reaching their potential weights.

31 29lb 3oz Ste Alford Blackspot .jpg

Abouts Us

Providing quality carp & coarse fishing from well maintained venues managed to a high standard.

The finest quality strain of English carp consisting of Leney, Sutton, Dinkesbuehl & Harrow strains

Protected 24/7 by electric otter proof fencing and electronic automated entrance gates ensure our stock, wildlife and anglers are protected creating an excellent fishing environment allowing you to fish in peace whilst undisturbed in beautiful countryside surroundings.

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