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Frequently Asked Question's

Rather than listening to hearsay we give our members an honest response. 

Do I need to be a member to fish these lakes.

Alpha - YES membership is required to fish

Eagle - YES membership is required to fish

Hilltop - YES membership is required to fish

Woodbury Pool - YES membership is required fish.

Yarm - YES membership is required to fish.

Sangemere - YES syndicate membership is required fish.

Is there a waiting list for membership.

At present applications are open and available on our website, We do stop taking on new members during busy periods simply to allow our members more booking dates.

Why do you charge a membership.

To ensure specimen carp anglers with the correct tackle join these lakes. All money raised from memberships is invested in stock fish and constant improvements to the fishery.

Are unhooking mats / landing nets provided.

Yes, We provide large cradle style unhooking mat, safety weigh sling and landing net on each swim which must be used (Do not bring your own on to site for bio security), Weigh hooks are also provided in each swim.

Is membership payable every year.

No, Membership is a one off payment and does not have to be paid again as we do not charge yearly.

Do you have toilets & shower on site.

Yes, We have separate ladies & gents toilets and a shower room, Ladies toilets have a coded entry lock, the code is  available by texting fishery when fishing.

Do the lakes get busy

As with any good venue there are peak times mainly summer weekends when you may need to plan ahead, However as we operate on a booking system you are always guaranteed a place once booked on, Our booking system allows you to reschedule any booking within 48 hours of your booking should you wish to change your date so short notice  places do arise during busy times. As you would expect bookings run up to 2 weeks ahead during Summer for weekends but swims are usually available midweek at short notice during busy times.

Can I turn up anytime to view the lakes.

No. our venues are not open access so turning up to view is not possible. Our automated gate system allows anglers to fish safely and in peace without being disturbed. A No viewing policy is in place with a view of security to our venues and with the anglers best interests in mind.

What fish are in the lakes.

Alpha - carp only.

Eagle - carp only.

Hilltop - carb only

Yarm - carp only.

Sangemere - carp only.

What size carp are in the lakes.

See each lake page for current stock & lake records.

What are the best tactics & swims.

All swims produce fish but some are fished far more than others, Boilie and pellet works very well, Far margins fish well on sunny days, Beds of bait can be good on longer sessions and Pva bags cast at showing fish can always produce a bonus catch. Always remember the carp you are trying to catch do not want to get caught? If your'e not catching then change your approach with different rigs or bait.

Are the lakes difficult.

Our Lakes vary in difficulty due to fish size, stocking ratio and the anglers abilities, Alpha is stocked with big carp only so its never going to be a walk in the park but every fish caught is a real gem and rewarding, Eagle is moderate with a bigger head of fish and suited to experienced and beginner carp anglers, Yarm has a good stock of fish and most tactics will catch, Hilltop has a good selection of carp, Always remember the fish you are trying to catch do not want to get caught, if your not catching maybe you need to change your approach?

How long is your waiting list for membership.

Alpha, Eagle, Hilltop, Yarm, Woodbury - Membership is open. (Although we do close membership if lakes are busy)

Sangemere - We have a healthy waiting list for this lake and cannot acertain how long before a place will become available. All you can be certain of is if you are not registered on the waiting list a place will never be offered.

Sangemere being a syndicate has a maximum of 30 members.

How many members will you allow.

Tees Valley Lakes being day ticket venues have open membership. we currently do not have a limit on amount of members however we will close the membership at the point we feel bookings are becoming too far in advance.


Do TVL Bailiffs fish the lakes.

Of course they do, Our bailiffs work very hard ensuring our venues are in great shape, That being said bailiffs only  occasionally get to fish as most of the time you will see them on the bank doing checks and helping members out along with helping out with all the maintenance the fishery requires. The owner & Bailiffs book on the diary and follow the same rules members do, They receive no special privileges and cannot reserve swims, This is something the owner feels strongly about, EVERYONE follows the same procedures.

What time can I arrive and leave.

Day/24hr sessions start from 10.10am once gate code is received by text message, Early bird add on tickets start from 6.15am once gate text is received, 24hr sessions finish at 10am and day tickets at 9pm by which time swims must be vacated.

How do I get Early Bird tickets.

Early birds are only available by texting the fishery the day before your session on 07980 179585 from 8am to 8pm as they are subject to availability.

Do you have bait restrictions.

Yes we do, Boilie & pellet only during Summer months, any restrictions are set out in our lake rules,  We do not allow any type of nuts, particles or maggots, However we do allow particle and maggots from November to February only, We do this to ensure our fish receive a higher quality balanced diet to aid growth rates.

Are there any lake features.

Definitely, The Lakes are man made so during construction bars, plateau's and gullies were incorporated, We do have a map on our website showing some features but carp in nature change the contour of lakes beds over time so the layout is ever changing, Since 2017 we have carried out extensive planting with thousands of reeds and over 700 trees from Poplar, Laylandii, hawthorn and willows, Due to this our lakes have matured quickly and are now all reed lined creating a wildlife haven and plenty of features to fish to.

Have you thought of making one big lake.

Yes, it was certainly considered, However the lakes being built in an actual valley creates limitations, one being that we had to keep each lake at a maximum of 10,000 cubic metres of water due to legislation for the dam walls required to construct each lake, Our Lakes may not be oceans at 2.5 acre and 2 acre but we more than make up for this with the quality of carp we have.

Are the lakes clicky like some others.

No definitely not, Good friendships are often found on our venue, Being a members lake you will find the majority of people open and friendly and happy to help other members, Bailiffs are always willing to listen and answer any questions and help out with your angling should you wish.

What is the lake bed made of.

The Lake bed is mostly sand & clay, small silt deposits will be found in the deeper area's.

Will you be moving 30lb fish from Eagle to Alpha.

No, we will not, These carp are well established in Eagle and will be staying there.

Why do new members have to fish other lakes first before Alpha.

We care about our fish and as Alpha residents are all 20's and 30's we want to be sure everyone on Alpha can handle big fish safely, With new members fishing and catching on Eagle we can see first hand how fish are dealt with, If in doubt we are happy to give advice and even have a carp care video on our YouTube channel, That being said Eagle his now producing some fantastic North East chunks with more new 30's in Eagle each year.

Do you have CCTV.

Yes, We have always had CCTV to protect our fishery, fish stocks and members fishing since the beginning which is clearly sign marked at gate and cabin, We do not have any camera's aimed at swims as we honestly have better things to do than watch people fishing lol.

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Abouts Us

Providing quality carp & coarse fishing from well maintained venues managed to a high standard.

The finest quality strain of English carp consisting of Leney, Sutton, Dinkesbuehl & Harrow strains

Protected 24/7 by electric otter proof fencing and electronic automated entrance gates ensure our stock, wildlife and anglers are protected creating an excellent fishing environment allowing you to fish in peace whilst undisturbed in beautiful countryside surroundings.

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