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On the face of it, this liquid doesn’t look like anything special, but don’t let the serene looks deceive! This dark, sweet-smelling liquid is actually a totally natural betaine liquid, and we all know how successful the synthetic version, Betaine HCL, has been! Due to the liquid being natural, unlike its synthetic counterpart, it cannot be overdone; fish go absolutely mad for this stuff! The list of uses is pretty much limited only by your imagination, but we have found success soaking hookbaits as well as freebies; with the liquid being so dark, it really does make your baits darken right up! Soaking pellets in the stuff is also a great edge. As the name suggests, the liquid is a feed stimulant, so don’t think this is just a carp-orientated liquid, as it has accounted for dozens of double-figure barbel too! (Does not melt PVA)


PriceFrom £4.49
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