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Set in a small peaceful valley surrounded by mature farmland protected from heavy winds ensuring there is always somewhere comfortable to fish.Approximately 1 acre in size with 18 angling swims and a variety of features including 2 islands, reed fringe edging and Depths running between 3ft to 6ft,
A Lakeside car park is available for easy access and a fully enclosed electric otter fence complete with automated closing gates protect the lake from predation ensuring our stock are safe at all times. (Electric Fence switches off during open hours).

Stockings of good quality fish have regularly been introduced including Roach, Bream, Tench, Chubb and Perch along with stockings of quality English carp of pure bloodline strains of Sutton, Leney, Dinkesbuehl and Harrow Mirror and Common Carp.

Yarm Coarse Lake is a day ticket coarse fishing lake available by booking online, in advance up to 6am of the day required,
(on booking you will receive a text message / email with a valid access code for the automated entrance gate between 6am & 6.15am on the day of your booking).

Private Lake Exclusive and Match Bookings are available, see tickets page for more details, (Although there are 18 pegs available we recommend a maximum of 12 anglers for match bookings).

Tactics – The lake is suited to pole, method feeder and waggler fishing, tight to the islands and reeds produce well but dont neglect the deep margins or open water, use a very small feeder in winter for bonus bites,

Baits – Fishery feed pellet always work well for the carp as well as paste, luncheon meat and chopped worm, for other species small feed pellet, maggot, castor, chopped worm and paste produce plenty of bites, introduce feed little and often to build the swim to get fish competing for the food.

Key Facts

Mixed Coarse lake
Day ticket only.
Open access
No membership required to fish Yarm coarse lake.
Carp, Roach, Tench, Bream, Chubb, Perch, Eels.
Match Record Catch
Summer 142lb+ (6 hour match)
Winter 101lb+ (6 hour match)
Huge stock of fish with 60% carp.
Weight Range
Carp average 2lb to 8lb
1 acre
Huge stock of English bred carp with an average of 2lb to 8lb make up 55% of stock with Roach to 2lb+ Chubb to 3.5lb+, Tench to 1lb+, Perch to 1.5lb+ and skimmers to 1lb.
Two central islands with deep close margins varying from 3ft to 6ft.
Bio Security
Landing net heads and Unhooking mats are provided on our venues to help protect from spread of disease from outside source, Please DO NOT bring your own as our equipment is to be used only, A landing net pole is required on this lake.
No Lake Viewing
Our venues are not open access so turning up to view is not possible. A No viewing policy is in place with a view of security to our venues and with the anglers best interests in mind

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Yarm day ticket lake 


Yarm Coarse Lake underwent a total renovation in 2011 after a decade of neglect, The existing stock were saved during the renovation and since further additional stockings of good quality fish have regularly been introduced.
Stock fish – 60% of the stock are English Carp running to 15lb with the majority between 2lb & 8lb, these are backed up with Roach, Chubb, Tench, Bream and Perch, A small number of Eels are resident in the lake through natural migration.

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Abouts Us

Providing quality carp & coarse fishing from well maintained venues managed to a high standard.

The finest quality strain of English carp consisting of Leney, Sutton, Dinkesbuehl & Harrow strains

Protected 24/7 by electric otter proof fencing and electronic automated entrance gates ensure our stock, wildlife and anglers are protected creating an excellent fishing environment allowing you to fish in peace whilst undisturbed in beautiful countryside surroundings.

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