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These amazing liquids have been a real winner during testing, and it is now time to release them for everyone to have a go with! All of the liquids are based on our incredible Hydro Wheat liquid, with a few added extras. This particular one includes the optimum levels of the infamous Tutti Frutti flavour. These aren’t part of the classics range for nothing! Use over your chosen boilies, particles, pellets or whatever takes your fancy. A truly versatile product.


Supplied in 1L bottles, these syrups are not quite as active as pure Hydro Wheat, but please remember they are still classed as ‘active’ and so should be monitored regularly during warm conditions to ensure there is no messy mishaps. If you see the bottle expanding slightly just crack the lid gently and release some gas. It will settle down over time.


1L Jerry Can

Tutti Frutti Hydro Spod Syrup (1 litre)

Only 1 left in stock
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