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A highly stimulatory, poultry meat-based hydrolysate. This incredible-tasting, food-grade liquid has been blended with our famous BetaStim liquid at the optimum level, creating an olfactory and gustatory taste sensation for all fish. Although ideal for use with The Switch and SLK due to its meaty/ savoury taste, it can, of course, be used alongside any bait.


Unlike almost all other high nutritional-value hydrolysates, the K-STIM is unique due to the sustainable nature of its protein source. Sourcing sustainable ingredients is something DNA as a company is extremely passionate about, so we were very excited to come across this liquid. With a more than acceptable protein level of 50%, favourably comparable to any fish-based hydrolysate on the market, the bonus with this product is the protein is made up of 90% free amino acids, meaning more soluble attraction. In short, this means more bites for you, the angler!


This PVA-friendly liquid is ideal for use with boilies, pellets or stick mixes. Dosage rates are recommended at up to 50ml per kilo within baits. There are no maximum inclusion rates if glugging freebies, etc.

K-Stim Liquid ( 1 litre)

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