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Coleman Valve Cartridge C500 
The Coleman as cartridge features an enhanced mix of high-performance gases - butane/propane mix (70/30) and enhanced technology, created for use in more extreme conditions - providing a steady and consistent burn across a wide range of temperatures at lower altitudes making it ideal for more general use. The cartridge is ideal for the more adventurous trekker or explorer offering fast and reliable boil times even in very cold temperatures. 
The cartridge incorporates a standard screw-on attachment making it an ideal fuel source for Coleman camping stoves and lanterns as well as many other manufacturer's devices. Featuring Coleman's double safety seal resealable valve the cartridge can be disconnected and reconnected to your appliance in complete safety without leakage. 
You can operate devices from the following Coleman ranges: Fyrestorm, Fyrelite, Fyrepower and F1 lite lantern. 
Valve cartridges can be easily removed from the device, even if they have not been completely emptied. Ideal when you need to operate multiple devices with a single cartridge. 

  • Only use with Coleman devices.

Coleman Gas C500

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