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Memberships applications - Open until 1st March 2024

Membership is a one off payment of £75.00 (not yearly) which allows you to then book tickets on on our lakes as stated below.

We are a popular fishery so please bear in mind as with all good venue's that Summer weekends can get booked up about a month in advance, Weekdays are usually bookable for the following week, We work on a booking system so you are guaranteed a swim once booked and paid,

Please Note: Our specimen lakes are built into a Valley and access to swims is via a road bank on Eagle & concrete ramp to Alpha and may not be accessible for some disabled, please see our FAQ's page for more.

Please ensure you watch our carp care video below...

Click Here for Carp Care Video....


Membership Terms & Conditions

(PLEASE NOTE - Memberships may take up to 10 days to arrive, Tickets cannot be booked until Members card is received.)
Both lakes are stocked with specimen carp only and require adequate tackle in compliance with the lake rules.(Including specimen carp rods, bite alarms and bobbins)

Membership is required to fish our specimen carp lakes Alpha, Eagle, Yarm, Woodbury & Hilltop.

PLEASE NOTE: Membership is a one off payment of £75.00 which on joining allows you to book primarily on Eagle, Yarm,  Hilltop or Woodbury Pool, New members MUST fish a minimum of 10 sessions on Eagle before being permitted on Alpha.
Access to Alpha will only be given after 10 sessions on either Eagle, Yarm, Hilltop Lakes 
or Woodbury Pool, an informal on the bank chat and once we see your catch photo's and TVL are confident in your ability to handle 30lb+ carp that reside in Alpha. (NO EXCEPTIONS)

24hr/day tickets can be purchased per session by members only (see membership/tickets for prices).

By allowing members only to fish these lakes ensures we attract like minded specimen carp anglers.

Membership application.

1. Click on a highlighted day on the calendar - select Continue.

(Enter any date. This is simply a start date for membership registration.)

(You are NOT required to attend the fishery on this date.)

2. Complete your details.

3. Ensure a passport type photo is uploaded for membership card. (max 500kb)

4. Tick - you have read and understand the lake rules. Tees Valley Lake Rules

5. Pay registration fee.

All done, your application will be reviewed and completed

Once processed your membership card will be sent by post to the address stated.


31 29lb 3oz Ste Alford Blackspot .jpg

Abouts Us

Providing quality carp & coarse fishing from well maintained venues managed to a high standard.

The finest quality strain of English carp consisting of Leney, Sutton, Dinkesbuehl & Harrow strains

Protected 24/7 by electric otter proof fencing and electronic automated entrance gates ensure our stock, wildlife and anglers are protected creating an excellent fishing environment allowing you to fish in peace whilst undisturbed in beautiful countryside surroundings.

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Tees Valley Lakes

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  • Contact 8am to 8pm

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